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Roll up garage doors is a convenient way of securing your cars. It comes in a variety of materials and designs. You can get one that will blend with the exterior of your home. These doors are built to last a life time. When you install one, you can be sure that your lot will be safe. It’s not only that but having a roll up garage door can make your life much easier.

Commercial establishments require a more heavy duty type of Roll Up Garage Door Guys This usually cost a lot more. What’s good about this type is that it can withstand accidental bumps you’ll expect in a high-traffic area. Their parts are also made to take a lot of mechanical abuse due to daily use.

For residential homes, they do not have to heavy duty but they are still made from quality material. If you open your garage a couple of times a day, then you might consider getting a commercial type. Residential ones are more prone to dents because of their softer outer shell.

There are two basic types of roll up garage doors. One of which is the sectional roll up. It is made up of four to five panels that are linked via hinges. This door uses tracks to open and close. When the door is open, the panels are hidden on the ceiling of the garage. Residences usually use this type of door because the owner can pick a design that best suits the exterior scheme of the house.

Then there’s the rolling garage door. This is mainly used for commercial places but some homes use them as well. When you open the garage, the roll up door will roll into a cylinder over the garage opening. Although made of steel, there are roll up doors that looks wooden.

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