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Okay so, you are going to buy a hot water pressure washer, and I assume you either going to buy a skid unit, or a wall unit for your shop. If this will be an indoor unit, you are probably going to want to have an LP burner to heat the coils, thus heat the water for your pressure washer.

They make liquid propane fired burners, and diesel fired burners, both work very well, and it is a matter of choice, but you want to make the right choice. Not long ago, someone who was entering the contract cleaning industry asked me this very question.

Nevertheless, let me discuss some of the Oil Burner Crew that you should think about in advance when you make this decision. The first and primary issue is one of; where are you are going to work. You must remember that diesel fired hot water pressure washers put out a good amount of soot, and when they are not adjusted correctly they put out a lot.

They can become unadjusted very easily, even from bouncing around on a trailer on the way to and from the job sites. When they are working efficiently all you can see is rippled heat waves coming from the steam cleaner, but when they are a miss adjusted, they put out so much smoke and soot, that someone from across the street might actually call the fire apartment. It has actually happened to me before.

Further, if you’re going to clean concrete inside parking structures, thus that will end up on the ceiling of every floor of parking structure, leaving a stain. Go ahead and drive through a parking structure sometime and look up, every once in a while you will see a stain on the ceiling for no reason, looks like black-clouds with concentric rings, that’s from a steam cleaning contractor.

Now that you know this, you will be able to notice. And, you can also accidentally set off the smoke detectors, and the emergency sprinkler system, and all of a sudden you will have a wall of water rolling down the inside of the parking structure. This actually happened to one of our crews in the Sherman Oaks Galleria parking structure in Southern CA in the early four in the morning we flooded the street, and rush hour started in just a few hours.

If you are working inside of aircraft hangers or in public where there are a lot of people around in the city or in a suburb, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself with a lot of smoke. When everything is working correctly a diesel fired burner is absolutely no problem. Of course, if you are working inside you can’t afford to have the around so you’re going to have to go with a liquid propane fired burner.

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