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Savvy business people understand that one of the critical factors in developing a successful business and successful business relationship is getting past the “gate-keeper” that stands between you and the key decision maker you want to reach. They also know that they could have award winning marketing materials and very compelling messages, but they are all totally ineffective if they cannot reach the right decision maker. And all the efforts to develop those materials and messages will be wasted.

Today we find that a majority of business owners and/or executives use The Gate Authority system to protect their time through managing the access to them. The person or system will screen email, snail mail, phone calls, visitors and any other interruption and then they will decide which message or person is permitted to get past tem to the key decision maker.

It is very important to emphasize the importance of making sure you employ ethical, professional and proper means to get past the “gate-keeper.” Some ethical and professional methods could include direct mail, referrals, strategic alliances and telephone contacts used to develop a desired positive business relationship with the “gate-keeper.”

The process you develop should include specific and strategic steps tailored for the individual “gate-keeper” in order to have a higher probability of assuring your business message to the right decision maker that has the ability and the authority to make a favorable decision to do business with your company.

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