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Now is the time to decide if you would like to include tile mosaics in your pool. Once you have completed your new pool and spa, the looks of your backyard oasis will depend on the options which can be added to your new project. Options such as upgraded decking, colored lights, water features, special tile and in the pool tile mosaics.

Custom tile mosaics which can be added will add a finishing touch to any pool and spa. Tile mosaics can be fabricated and manufactured in just about any size, shape, color and design imaginable. Designs include fish, shells, reef scenes, dolphins, beach balls, turtles, cartoon characters, mermaids, sports logos and the list goes on and on. Many tile mosaics are now being manufactured with a shadow design.

The shadow design allows the Custom Tile Guys to appear more realistic in the water and is a great option to consider. Tile mosaics are available from a variety of manufactures, some using small pieces of tile to others which use much larger tile pieces. Tile mosaics can be installed on the floor of the pool and also on the side walls of the pool.

Small items can also be installed on steps and benches but one must use caution when installing mosaics in these locations that the items will not be slippery when people are entering or exiting the pool or spa. Please also keep in mind that if you live in a climate that experiences freeze conditions, check with the manufacture of the mosaics you are considering, making sure their items are frost proof tiles.

Once you have decided on the particular tile mosaics, check with your construction company and ask them to allow you to place the mosaics in the exactly in the pool and spa location you would like. Mosaic location in the pool is very important to obtain the desired visual effect. When choosing a particular item or design, try to visualize if the piece will look better on the walls for a side view or if the mosaic appear better on the floor of the pool for a top down look.

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