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A GFCI is a ground fault circuit interrupter. This is an electrical receptacle intended to stop the flow of electricity automatically in the case of a short or shock in an effort to maintain safety. These receptacles are installed in any location that is considered to be a wet location as listed in the National Electrical Code. This is the guide for all electrical contracting rules and guidelines followed by electrical contractors.

GFCI’s were once installed on a temporary basis while buildings where under construction. Now it is expected that GFCI are installed in all areas that may have water and electrical interaction. This includes such locations as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and pool or spa areas. This is not restricted to residential property. The exact location of any GFCI in a room is based, according the National Electrical Code of on the typical cord length of general appliances.

According to the National Electrical Code of a GFCI interrupts any electrical flow if it exceeds four to six milliamperes of current. The GFCI will read a disturbance that goes between the hot and neutral sides of the outlet. This allows for safe interruption of dangerous service before it causes a fire or harms a person. These devices are also essential for any area that has the possibility to mix water with electricity.

For those wanting to know where a GFCI should be installed in their Georgia home or office, it would be of great benefit to consult with an electrical contractor. They can help you to safely make the modifications. When selecting a contractor for this job make sure that they are licensed by the State of Georgia Bureau of Contractors.

Installation of the GFCI Outlet Guys should be a primary concern to anyone building or remodelling a home or office. These devices are vital to maintaining safety in an area that could be dangerous when wet. Contact a professional electrical contractor for vital information about how to manage the process. Taking such a task into your own hands could be dangerous and time consuming if you do not have the experience or proper training.

Taking some time when asking the question of where a GFCI should be installed is important to making the right choices. An error with such an important undertaking would be a mistake that would be very costly in the long run. There are many professionals that can help you with this process and remove the doubt and worry about the work.

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