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The advantage of engineered wood flooring is that engineered wood can be sanded after scratches and dings develop. With laminate floors, Laminate is melamine infused paper on top, wood chip composite on bottom.

Engineered and laminate Floor Outlet Guys is free floated which means it is not attached to the sub floor. Most people think they are presently attached but that is not the case. A floating floor is actually a method of installing a floor. In this method, the individual planks or boards attach to each other by gluing or snapping together but do not attach to the sub floor.

The underlayment is placed on the sub floor first. After this the new floor is assembled above the underlayment. After the underlayment is placed down, the floor is assembled above it much like a puzzle. The joined pieces in the puzzle float on the surface.

Engineered and laminate floor boards are much more stable than solid wood flooring. The very minor imperfections are absorbed by the underlayment. This helps deaden the sound since it is not attached to the sub floor.

The types of laminate or engineered floor underlayment vary but the can be broken down to main types. There is the standard foam type, foam film combination type, a floor muffler modified upgraded type underlayment. A floor muffler modified/upgraded usually cures a how sounding floor problem. It has a standard moisture barrier and can be used below grade.

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