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There are a lot more types of wire and cable in your home than you can probably imagine. Anything that has electricity has wire attached to it including your lights, appliances, outlets etc. Some require wire and other require heavy duty power cables.

Romex wire is a very popular type of cable that is used to run the lighting in your home. Romex comes from the electrical box and goes through the walls to every outlet and light or lamp you have in your home. Even the lamp has a cable cord going to the outlet.

If any of this needs to be run outdoors to a garage or barn then you would need to upgrade the Romex to UFB cable. It stands for Underground Feeder and also comes with a ground wire. It has a protective outer jacket to allow it to go outdoors and even directly underground without conduit.

Multi conductor cables in your Telephone Wiring Guys are mostly used for sound, communication and alarms. They have optional shields to blocks radio waves and many different types of insulations and awg sizes. Most people call it alarm cable and telephone wire but there are a lot of questions to be asked from there.

If you need wire or cable for your home and you’re not sure exactly what you need then I suggest talking to a sales person at a wire and cable distributor. They deal with the different types everyday and have a lot of knowledge on the subject just like you do with your line of work. I recommend talking to a few different places to gain all the knowledge you can and then make the final decision yourself.

If you are buying or using your current key traditional phone system, and you plan to change the pbx system to a newer, more feature full pbx system soon enough, then I would recommend the telephone wiring to be done the same way as a computer network.

In the past, you would need to have a completely different wiring setup for key telephone systems or pbx phone systems and computers on the network. Not any more.

WesBell Electronics is a wire and cable distributor for all different types of single wire and Multi Conductor Cable. We have customers all over the United States, Canada and even some in China. Please give us a call even if you just have a question because we would be happy to answer it for you.

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