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A building engineer at Saint Francis Hospital is not a designer in the exacting feeling of the word. That is to say, he is not a person who plans things. A building engineer is a man principally in charge of the upkeep of the aerating and cooling frameworks in the healing facility, a Building Services and Environmental Engineer.

A regular degreed BSEE has some expertise in all parts of building administrations: warming, aerating and cooling, ventilation, plumbing, lighting, electrical administrations, building administration frameworks and controls. In the healing center that would have incorporated an expansive steam turbine situated in the storm cellar at the southeast corner of the building likewise a Honeywell PC framework that controlled pneumatic valves and dampers, managing the air cleanliness additionally the temperature and moistness inside the doctor’s facility.

Despite the fact that I don’t know what year it was that one of the building Brick Flooring Guys on from school, it would most likely have been in the mid seventies since I exited to set off for college myself in the fall of 1973. Notwithstanding, at some point in the wake of discovering that, I was welcome to the man’s graduation party, a bash to be held in a ban straightforwardly over the convergence from the healing facility.

The bar, situated in a little shopping center at the northwest corner of 61st and Yale, was not that huge. There was a juke box inside the entryway additionally a few pool tables at that point additionally back there were a couple of tables for four with a little bar on the privilege. On the off chance that my memory serves me, the pool tables were at a lower level than the bar however in the event that that suspicion were valid, clearly the proprietors would have opened themselves up to costly claims coming about because of intoxicated benefactors stumbling or falling over the two levels. In this way I would need to state my memory is flawed in that one occasion. Yet, I have a reasonable memory of different occasions as they unfurled all through the night.

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