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There are numerous reputable online stores that offer great deals that often include free shipping and bonus specials. During the holiday season, you’ll find deals galore. The best online sources are companies that specialize in generators. They have the largest selection and are usually authorized dealers for certain brands. In addition, in today’s market some manufacturers allow the public to purchase portable generators directly from the warehouse; the savings can be tremendous seeing that the middleman is totally eliminated.

When you purchase from authorized dealers, you get technical expertise, professional support and the comfort of knowing that you won’t be left in the wind. Authorized Dealers are trained to provide assistance with deploying your generator, service and answering any questions you may have. In some case, when you purchase a portable generator from a chain store or other source, all they can do is refer you to authorized dealers if you have any issues or questions. The reason being is they have no expertise in dealing with this type of equipment.

Oftentimes you can find an excellent deal on a Generator Authority by searching the classified ads online. Just remember, if you go that route, do your homework and know what you’re looking at. You want to actually run the generator and put a load on it to make sure that it works as specified. If the owner refuses to crank it up and let it run, thank them for their time and move on. Never purchase a used generator without running it a full load first.

Another good source for finding a portable generator is the online auctioneer, Ebay. The only caveat is that you must check the sellers rating and ask questions about the unit being auctioned. You want to know how many hours has the generator been used and under what conditions. And most importantly, you want to know what is the sellers refund policy in the event that the unit is not delivered in proper working condition.

You can find great deals on portable generators at stores such as Sears, Lowe’s, Home Depot and others. In most cases, if you are not happy with your purchase, you have the option of returning the product back for a refund

Overall, you can purchase a portable generator from any of the above sources but don’t limit yourself to just these sources. If you can think of any other sources, always check them out, with the idea in mind that shopping around will provide you with the best deal possible.

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