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The concept of cold calling has been a debatable issue for many call centers. Cold calls are made to leads that have died or fizzled out because of certain reasons. More often than not, the reason is that there was no follow-up from the BPO firm that generated the lead. Once they bagged the lead, they proceeded to get more. As a result, the lead cooled off. Cold calling is the process of tapping these cold leads again to check if something can be extracted. This process is not easy because you have already made a bad impression for yourself by not following up. However, the smart sales lead generation guy can convert cold leads into some profit for the call center.

Call centers can obtain leads from various sources. They can even buy leads from third party providers. But the importance of leads lies in how and from where they have been sourced. Lead generation procedures ensure that the leads come from verified and known sources. There is no point getting leads that have been hacked or obtained through black-hat means like phishing.

Cold calls get you those leads that you know are from well tested sources. You are aware of their quality and the business prospects embedded in them because you had wanted these leads in the kitty in the first place. Cold calling from the outbound call center desk gives you a chance to have what you thought was lost.

Cold calling has its share of disadvantages. The call center agents do not like making cold calls. The simple reason is that when the leads cooled off, it left some irritated prospective customers in its wake. It’s not an easy task for the BPO agents to call these leads up again. They have to pacify the customers before they can begin to talk about selling their products/services. You have to realize that and motivate your lead generation agents accordingly.

The agents need to back themselves RV Generator Guys so that they can push for the sales. Cold calls will not reap benefits for the call centers if the agents making them are conscious of the challenge that it holds. They have to really turn on their persuasive marketing skills to turn these dead ends into something profitable.

Many sales lead generation firms shy away from cold calling and opt for fresh lead generation processes. This is not a flawed thing to do. But BPO service industry experts strongly feel that there is much to be salvaged in the cold leads. While one section of the outbound call center gets you fresh leads, some agents can be designated to cold calling. It will not return negative ROI if done in the right way. Cold calling also presents opportunity for cross selling and up selling. It is not true to say that cold calling only eats away the resources of a BPO firm.

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