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When you’re buying a generator, it’s important to understand your power needs. Whether it’s for camping, home back-up or job site use, it’s important to understand which generator is right for the job and which one is going to fulfill your needs in the most efficient way. It’s also important to know the type of items that the generator is going to be powering. Power tools used on construction sites have different needs, wattage and amperage requirements than the stuff used in camping. Generators that are geared towards construction also have GFCI outlets built into them, which means they don’t work well in home stand-by applications. That being said, understanding the types of generators that are on the market and what they’re capable of doing should be something that someone would take in to consideration when looking to purchase a new generator.

With hundreds of different brands out on the market, some good some bad; it’s easy to be fooled by cheaper, copy cat type products that seek to mimic name brand products. While copy cat type generators might be cheaper in the up front purchase, these cheap off brands rarely have the longevity of the more expensive name brand products. What you eventually run in to is, even though the initial purchase was cheaper, you will spend more time, money and energy keeping a cheaper generator running than the guy who simply bought the name brand product. Sometimes the old saying,”you get what you pay for” really is true. It’s also important to consider how long the warranty is, service and parts availability. If a generator company is only willing to back their product for 6 months, or if you have to wait weeks, or even months to get parts, that should tell you something about the quality of the product they’re trying to sell.

Consider this scenario You’re in the market for a super quiet camping generator. You check a dealer locator online and find that there is a big box store down the street from you that carries the model you’re looking for. You also find a small power equipment shop with the same model however; the small power equipment shop has a slightly higher price. Your first instinct would be to go buy it from a retailer that has the cheaper price. What you really need to think about is the fact that there is a very slim chance that you’re going to find an employee at the big retailer that has the knowledge to answer your questions intelligently.

They’re also not going to have the parts and service Inverter Generator Guys available to you, should you need it. So chances are, if something goes wrong with the machine, they’re going to send you to the small power equipment shop for the required repairs anyway. Now, consider if you would have just bought from that small shop from the beginning. You might have paid a little more up front, but chances are you’re going to get the knowledge and service from the small shop that you need in order to buy the right generator for the job.

Pretty much every reputable generator company out there carries a bunch of different models of generators, all designed to be used in specific ways. When looking to buy a new generator, no matter which brand you’ve settled on, it’s important to understand which models are designed for what. You wouldn’t want to buy a super quiet inverter series generator if you’re planning on taking it out to a construction site, you could easily get a fine from what ever safety company regulates your area because most inverters don’t have GFCI outlets on them. On the other hand, you wouldn’t take a construction site generator into a quiet camp ground, you would have your camping neighbors beating your door down to shut the thing off.

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