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The very nature of telecommunications ensures that its systems and reliability will never be easy to provide. Anyone working within the telecom industry understands that one of their greatest challenges will be to keep the cell tower sites powered and ready for service.

The fact is that in these days with all of the environmental issues surrounding us, Power Generator Crew is just a non issue. A combination of air, solar and water power generation is the only solution for most cruising sailboats. By most, we are referring to yachts up to 50ft. approximately which would comprise 90% of cruisers sailing our oceans.

The average yacht these days is more often than not fitted out with a wide range of electrical equipment to help make navigation simpler, safer and more enjoyable for the skipper and crews onboard. These all take a drain on the ships batteries and that power needs to be replaced as efficiently and quickly as possible.

As a result an easy and efficient way to maximize power generation for your battery whilst cruising is by drawing energy from the yacht’s movement through the water rather than directly from the wind.

This is where a towed generator comes into its own. Many yachtsmen consider towed water generators too much trouble, but this is an efficient way to get a lot of energy out of the wind, particularly when on long passages.

Originally these towed generators were designed just for towing but since the first were developed things have changed and there are all sorts of varieties available to choose from to suit your needs. The most modern designs can be used as a towed generator whilst sailing and can then be adapted to work as a wind generator when anchored and stationary.

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