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Disclose to her everything the reasons she should like you. You, being a man, may see the rationale in a thinking procedure like this. Salesmen do it constantly. Draw a line down a bit of paper and put every one of the motivations to like you on one side and every one of the reasons not to like you on the other. All things considered, think about what. It doesn’t work when attempting to persuade a lady to like you.

She’s not working on reason and rationale. For her it’s all feelings. The primary thing you have to know whether you need to know how to meet women is that they are working on a framework altogether not quite the same as yours. It’s PC versus Macintosh. Men are consistent, ladies are passionate.

A few men who don’t know how to meet women believe this is on Bookshelf Guys are bad sufficiently looking or excessively old or excessively youthful or not sufficiently rich. They surrender before they even start. Be that as it may, it’s not valid!

There are a few ladies to whom those things are vital, yet they are in the minority. To a lady, the most critical appealing thing in a man is PERSONALITY. There are sure identity qualities that push a lady’s catches in a positive, even a sexual, way. A few men can do it normally. Fortunately whatever is left of us can figure out how to do it. You can figure out how to utilize non-verbal communication and relational abilities that will make a lady feel toward you a similar way you feel when you see a youthful, attractive woman.

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