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Burglary is one thing where the bad guys take stuff from your house damage your house and do damage to your psyche the feeling of invasion into your private home lasts a long time.

Then there’s Home Security Camera Guys invasion which is a completely different thing and is much more dangerous to you and your family. There is very little doubt that the best way to prevent burglary and home invasion is to install some home security cameras or surveillance cameras. Cheap home security cameras are available.

One in six homes gets burglarized every year according to police statistics. What that means is that if you stay in your home for six years, on average, your home will become a statistic and you will be burglarized. A new and growing threat to the security of your home is a home invasion.

Home invasions are much more violent and threatening to you and your family. A burglary is done when the bad guy knows there’s nobody at home. Home invasions are done when the occupants are home.

So if you take some simple steps you can ‘harden your home’ as a target to make it less attractive to the bad guys. The first thing you should do is lock your doors and windows. Then either start or join a ‘neighborhood watch’ program. Remove hiding places around lower level doors and windows.

Install some motion activated spotlights to brighten otherwise darkened areas around your home. And put a sign in your front yard warning of a vicious guard dog. You don’t even need dog. Just a sign.

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