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Most times a man wants the same things as a woman. There are certain qualities that can attract you to a man. If you want to know if you pass muster, take a look at the following tips on how to get a man to like you. All it takes is a little effort on your part.

This means that you got to be truly happy in your Fire Blanket Guys be confident of who you are and not pretend to be someone else. No guy can resist a woman who is self confident and assured of her charms.

Make sure you are always in his sights. Stand out in the crowd and flaunt your talents and assets. Become popular with all his friends and he will want to know you better.

No man can resist a girl who is fun to have around. Men don’t have the time for anyone who gives out negative vibes and who is a wet blanket. Convince the guy that choosing you is the best decision of his life.

Don’t encroach on his space without being invited. A guy will like you if you know how to keep your distance. Not only will this prove that you have class but it will show him that you are willing to respect his decisions regarding you. A man likes a woman who is not clingy.

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