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His father being in the Navy, he had grown up in a lot of places in his childhood. His father’s submarine tender had gone to be overhauled in the shipyard in Bremerton, Washington once, when he was in the fifth grade. Their trips to Lake Tiger where they angled for trout and their visits to the race-car garage in the lane at the back still come to his mind from that period. Weekdays would see him standing at the garage door, watching the mechanics at work with earnestness, as they fixed up the small racing car for the races.

The idea of Heat Sensor Guys that garage never entered his mind then, although it occupies a lot of his thoughts now. While heating a garage, one has to think differently than when heating a home or a commercial building. Garage doors, when opened, especially on windy days, have the potential to let out all the warm air from the inside in the fraction of a second.

The use of radiant heat is just right for heating a space like that. The floor, acting much like a giant radiator, produces such a quantity of heat that the heat loss from opening the doors is recompensed in an instant. The radiant floor, somewhat like the sun, continues to supply unabated heat to the garage and it does not matter whether the doors are open or closed.

One smart way of getting cheap, recycled energy is to install a waste oil boiler, as used oil is something that garages are never short of. As waste oil is there in the picture, a smart move is to have a snow-melt system. At a distance of approximately 5 feet from the doors of the garage, the snow-melt system should be installed, in the pad. This is useful in keeping away the plows from the doors of the garage. Apart from this, in the presence of ramps, a snow-melt system ensures a safe entry and exit for the garage.

Vehicle maintenance garages could be such that their doors are opened every hour. If working on repairing equipment, the doors might be opened only every day. Garages used for storing can be left shut for a month. Working garages have a different comfort requirement than those used just for storage.

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