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We’d always heard how great it was having a new house, so when we finally got ours, we expected big things. Unfortunately we had no choice but to move in even though there was a lot of work not done. We had no air conditioning in the August heat, no running water, and our only potty was at the gas station down the road. We were hot, exhausted, and grouchy.

So what does this story have to do with a beeping Smoke Alarm Guys Everything, as you will soon see. We worked through the days only to throw our sweaty bodies in bed each night. The only bed we’d been able to dig from the pile in our garage was full-sized and nothing like the king we were used to, but at least we had a bed.

Humans have adopted and adapted many ways of providing alarms. Early man kept barking dogs to alert of approaching danger. Through the centuries guards blew horns, lit hill top beacons, sent smoke signals, flashed mirrors, fired gunshots, rang church bells and shot rockets to alert the tribe or army. Or just danced up and down.

To get your alarm at the right time it is necessary to measure time’s passing. Early awareness of time comes from the rising and setting of the sun and the passing of the seasons. The sun’s arc in the sky can be subdivided into hours, minutes and seconds, and clocks mimic and measure this using the available technology.

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