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A properly operating fire alarm pull station is of the utmost importance to creating an environment of fire safety. The placement, location and proper maintenance of a fire alarm pull station are all factors that are required to make sure the fire alarm functions properly.

The placement of the fire alarm pull station should be in an area where it is clearly visible. No one should be unable to notice the pull station upon even a mere cursory glance around a room or hallway. The fire alarm pull station needs to be placed on a spot on the wall will it will not be out of the reach of anyone except for a small child. If the person who discovers the presence of a fire is unable to sound an alarm that would save people’s lives, then the fire alarm is totally rendered useless.

Periodic inspections of the Fire Alarm Guys pull station are also necessary. Fire alarm drills are highly advised as not only would this give a clear indication of the lever’s functionality, but also any deficiencies in individual’s reaction to the alarm. If the lever sticks or the alarm itself is defective, then repairs or replacements will be in order.

Probably one of the most unique add ons that one could have attached to a fire alarm pull station would be an invisible mist that sprays out of the fire alarm and covers the hand of the person pulling down the alarm handle. The mist that stains the hand is not visible at all without bathing the person’s hand under an ultra violet light. Furthermore, the mist stains can not be washed off or removed.

It eventually wears away over a period of at least two days. While this accessory for a fire alarm pull station may not be needed at a private residence, for hotels, motels, businesses or public places, it is an excellent deterrent to anyone creating a false alarm by pulling down on the lever. A wise guy would probably think twice about pulling such a dangerous prank if the ability to prove who pulled the alarm was made possible by the unseen mist.

Installing a fire alarm system usually turns out to be the wisest move many people ever made. A fire alarm pull station is only worthwhile if it works properly and serves the primary purpose that it is meant to serve: allowing an alarm to sound.

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