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When you think about the parts of your home or business that keep you protected, you may skip right over the system that quietly protects you from the potential dangers of smoke inhalation and fire: your fire alarm system. Though you may never use it until it’s alerting you of a possible fire in your home or office, it’s quietly working to keep you, your family and/or your employees safe from harm.

An M alarm is activated manually. In buildings that have these kinds of systems they can usually be found in hallways nearby stairwells and close to emergency exits. These kinds of alarms are tripped by a person pulling down on a lever, so there is no technology in place to detect smoke or automatically set off an alarm.

Another type of fire alarm is an L alarm. Tasked with the job of protecting life this fire alarm system detects smoke and sets off a loud, audible alarm that is often coupled with a bright, flashing light. The benefit to such a system is that it presents the occupants of a home or building with an opportunity to escape before a fire can grow and spread, which can make an already-dangerous situation worse.

There is another type of fire alarm system that takes the idea of an L alarm a step further. This system which is called a P alarm, works not only to protect life, but also property. When a fire is detected by the P alarm, an alarm goes off to alert inhabitants of a possible fire, which should give occupants enough time to escape. In addition, a P fire alarm system also notifies local firefighters and other authorities, who can then dispatch units to the scene as soon as they’re able. If the P alarm does its job, firefighting crews should arrive with a better chance to stop the fire, and protect more property.

These are just a few ways that Fire Detection Crew works depending on the type of system. If you don’t have such a system installed on your property, consider it! It’s a giant step in the right direction in terms of protecting you, your family and those you employ.

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