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It’s been two weeks since I’ve spoken to anyone outside our four man team. Constantly moving at night, avoiding all contact with civilians, observing, recording, monitoring. Our current position is south of our temporary home in Banja Luca. We have just established an LUP near the town of Bocac.

Intel reports suggest that an isolated farm house could be targeted by Serbs. The days drag, rarely do we even see anything to report, the occasional vehicle arriving at the farm, a few civilians moving around. Using the binoculars I can see that most of the civilians are women and children, there is one old man we have nicknamed ‘Bobby’ we see him three or four times a day walking around the farm.

Bobby looks to us as if he is keeping watch, always scanning the land around him, he spends a lot of time in the roof area of the barn, and we often see his wrinkled face and bushy mustache pressing against the small window pane. From his vantage point he can see for a mile or so down the small dirt track that connects the farm to what the locals would consider a main road. Many times whilst watching him he has looked straight at my position, I know he can not see me, our OP is well located, but like the others I felt uneasy about the look he gives.

We arrived at this Fence Stain Guys days ago so far nothing has happened out of the ordinary. We watch the children playing around the farm. The women, who are all wearing head scarves, hurry around carrying heavy buckets, feeding chickens, the kind of activity you would expect to see on a rural farm. A few goats are tethered next to the small house and are always milked by Bobby; sometimes one of the kids would help him.

Every time he finished the milking, I would watch him drink a cup of warm goats milk, at that moment I wished I could trade places. Hot food for our team was only available at the LUP, the FOP was only 150 yds from the target area and protocol and standing orders meant no heating of food & drinks, toilet facilities were a small bottle and a plastic bag, worse for me was four hours without a cigarette, made worse when having to watch Bobby sitting at the barn window, with wisps of cigarette smoke spilling out into the cold spring air.It was 8am and I had replaced Nick some 10 minutes ago.

I scanned the area looking for activity I could see Bobby sat in the barn looking down the track. One of the women was in the front yard near the entrance wall. She was stood leaning out over the wall. One of the children was sat on a wooden fence. Something wasn’t quite right, I could hear one of the kids crying from inside the house, then I spotted the goats, they were lying down. an overturned bucket lay next to them, the morning sun was reflecting of its base.

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