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Gaming cards are extensively used now in games including black jack, poker, baccarat plus in countless non-gambling cool games. It is intriguing, that cards have been created long ago in human culture historical past and prevailed until nowadays.

Card manuscripts were not cherished by all the people. Indeed numerous were at stake by this strange entertainment and saw it as a power to promote betting and as an nefarious and counter social product of the devil. At the time of the protestant Reformation, the cards were known as as “Devil Pictures.”

I hope this is not the normal practice when Deck Restore Guys finishing log homes, but it does help explain what I have been seeing on my jobs. Mold under stain can be caused by many legitimate reasons. Wood stored in damp locations prior to construction can cause major mold and mildew problems.

However from my experience and coming to my own conclusions, it seems likely that some newly constructed homes are never properly cleaned prior to sealing. Two things are happening. The mildew although maybe not seen at the time of stain application is growing and at some point shows up through the existing stain and keeps growing. Also, the stain is failing prematurely because of not only the mold between it and the wood surface, but also the stain never adhered properly to the wood because of the mold as well as the moisture content of the wood itself.

Now the problem becomes how to remedy the issue. No easy way out now. The original stain must be removed either by chemical stripping if it is an oil stain or cob blasting if it is a latex. A chlorine solution is then applied to kill any remaining mold or mildew. Oxalic Acid is then used to neutralize the chlorine and stripper in the wood then the wood is allowed to dry completely to a moisture content of at least or lower. The only way to know the moisture content is to use a moisture meter to probe the wood. Anything else is just a guess. At this point the new stain/sealer can be applied and should be applied within at least a two week timeframe. Any later than this and you risk running into more mold and mildew problems.

I grew up in the Presbyterian Church and I don’t believe I ever heard anyone use the words “the truth” when speaking of their beliefs. It was just beliefs. You know, the ones passed on from generation to generation and being Presbyterian, no one in the local church ever would think to question any of it. It didn’t matter.

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