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Honestly take into account any energy wasting behaviors such as leaving lights on all day or running the air conditioning while baking. Also, think about how well insulated and weather-sealed your home is and whether it needs improving. The less energy you can live without means the less energy-generating capacity you will need to install.

However, while the power output from wind turbines might look appealing, getting the most watts for the buck is more complicated than solar power. While the sun shines everyday even when its cloudy, the wind is far more fickle. Some parts of the country are also windier than others; compare Abilene with Houston, for example. Consequently, a consumer needs to do far more research to determine how much wind might really be available for them to harness.

The best vacation I ever have taken was on Royal Caribbean’s Sovereign of the Seas. I went with my two best friends. We chose the cruise that went from Monday to Friday morning. I admit I was slightly intimidated when I began reading and viewing pictures of the cruise ship.

Granted, I had figured cruises were for mostly the Elevation Certificate Guys and stuck ups. I was totally wrong. Along with myself, my best friend and his wife went with me and we were all first time cruisers. We drove 10 hours to get to Port Canaveral.

From the time we arrived at the terminal to the time we boarded the ship was a little over 45 minutes. The lines looked long, however, they moved efficiently and quickly. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

The second day on board we were out to CocoCay. The weather was sunny, cool and very breezy. By the late afternoon they had to limit the times for the tenders traveling back and forth from the ship to the island and vice versa because the water was becoming extremely choppy. We had to wait quite awhile to board the ship because the gang plank kept getting pushed up. Two of the crew were very patient and helpful making sure everyone got back on the Sovereign safely.

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