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Construction Management jobs like that of a Construction Manager are two-fold in scope: you must possess the technical knowledge and skills for the job; and you must know how to manage people too. That is where the difficulty in these jobs comes in -people are flawed and lacking in some departments while exhibiting strength in others.

The technical training you need to be a competent Construction Manager would involve being a college or university graduate of either civil engineering, construction management, or construction science. Here is where some problems at work also start – there are some employees who literally worked their way up from the grungiest lowliest Construction Management jobs in the construction firm and toiled for years just to get to that post. Then, all of a sudden, the top brass go and hire some young yet very smart college graduate and put that new hiree in a higher position than that held by the older employees. Don’t laugh -this is an all-too-common situation in many companies.

To resolve this problem, there are employers offering jobs who specify a range of the desired age of any candidates, as well as minimum number of years of experience in the same line of work. This helps give the new hiree a leg up when it comes to integrity and perceived competence for the position.

If a hot girl happens to walk past a Construction Management Guys the whistling and catcalls grow louder and even more obnoxious. It is really just typical male behavior when you group together a bunch of rough guys. It is like they can’t help themselves. They’re hanging out with a bunch of wild and free dudes who talk about women all day; along comes the very kind of woman they’ve been fantasizing about together, and it is a moment of irresistibility. They can’t help but include the actual walking, talking female into their daily group fantasies.

Many construction jobs are filled with people who come straight out of high schools and don’t really care about furthering their education. These are people who don’t particularly care about the high class society, or they don’t feel like they could ever compare to those currently apart of that class. They figure they’ll be working in construction jobs their whole life; their aspirations reach no higher than the construction manager jobs that might open within the next few years. Once they’ve reached their goal, they’ll work their management position until they retire.

There are many jobs in construction that are reserved for ex-cons. People spending time in prison get released and need a job. A construction job would suit them well, since it requires no schooling and is an open playground for the wild and free. The rules are simple and easy to follow, and most likely their manager or superintendent also served time and knows exactly how to handle a new ex-con. Ex-cons are in good company when they hit the construction sites and join a team of workers.

If construction management jobs are filled by people who have lived straight and never did time, they might look down on ex-cons. There are many wild and free workers who never had trouble with the law; they just never had much use for rules and regulations of the scholastic system. They found themselves in contention with their teachers simply because they didn’t care much for the authority.

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