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An air source heat pump operates by extracting warmth from the atmosphere and in turn provides warmth and hot water for your home. In addition to providing clean and renewable energy, they are also easy to install. There are two types of air source heat pump: air to air pumps which circulate hot air through indoor fans, and air to water pumps which produce warm water. One of the major benefits of air source heat pumps is that it works best with under-floor heating and with conventional radiators.

A Air Source Heat Pump Guys is made up of three major parts namely heat exchanger, compressor and the heat tube. The heat exchanger aids in heat removal and the compressor is responsible for elevating the air temperature. The heating tube, also referred to as the radiator, transfers the heat. In its conventional mode, there is a refrigerant that passes through the outer coils as the system causes the liquid to vaporize to gas which then passes through the compressor where there is an increase in temperature. From the compressor the gas proceeds to the coils in the condenser where heat is transferred to the air and hence the gas is cooled down and it condenses back to liquid.

There are numerous benefits of heat pumps. One of the major merits of using air source is that the pump uses about a quarter of the electric energy that traditional heaters use. This will not only save on your utility bills but also it offers you environmental benefits as well. The system’s operation is subject only to electric supply and do not require gas to function. This enhances the safety of the users and the premises in which the pump is being used. Further, the system can be used for both heating and cooling water and air. This makes the system useful during both winter and summer periods.

Lower operation cost adds up to the benefits of heat pumps. Even though the installation cost of an air source is higher as compared to the standard systems, the system has been reported to pay itself in few years of operation. These systems call for very little maintenance and they have a longer life span. On average an air source system would not require any replacement for a period of 20 years or more.

Compared to gas and oil boilers, air source heat pumps deliver a lower temperature heat for long periods. You will thus require them over winter to constantly heat your house efficiently. Augmenting on the benefits of air source is the fact that the radiators do not get as hot as they do when gas and oil boilers are in use. The air source heat pumps could also earn you an earning from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) of the government since they are eco-friendly.

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