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When a home or building has been ravaged by fire it can be a wrenching and traumatic experience. The media may pay a lot more attention to more unusual disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and even tsunamis but fires and smoke damage can be just as deadly and destructive. Because the devastation is probably confined to one family or building rather than an entire region, it doesn’t make the 6 o’clock news.

Perhaps it should though so that people wouldn’t forget about the dangers of fire. When most people think of fire, they think of what has been burned up by the flames, but smoke damage needs special attention in order to be properly cleaned up, as well.

Some of the more common ways that a fire starts include faulty electrical wiring appliances that go kaput, cigarettes not tended, kitchen cooking disasters or children playing with matches. In homes with a fireplace or wood stove, a fire can break out when items are left too close to the flames.

If this disaster strikes hopefully Bat Removal Crew detectors alerted the emergency crews to rush to the scene to put the fire out quickly. Afterward, there will most likely be a smoky odor and an oily residue remaining on whatever is left standing.

To be sure one of the best things about riding on the busy fire truck is that with outstretched and open arms I fully accept and embrace the fact that I am leaving my day in the hands of the Universe.

I try to take what I’ve learned on the fire truck into my own life. We are always dancing with the unknown, I remind myself. Sure we can plan and plan and even over plan. We never really know what will happen. In fact, we are one step ahead of the game if we actually expect the unexpected, I have learned.

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