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Maintaining your shower and other plumbing equipment can at times require a lot of work. Fortunately, however, shower repair projects are not always difficult or lengthy. In fact, many repair jobs on your shower can be done quickly using tools that you probably already have around the house. This is true if your fiberglass shower or tub gets damaged.

A fiberglass shower can be repaired with an easy to use kit. These are sold at most hardware stores that carry plumbing supplies. Before you rush out and purchase a kit, though, you need to be absolutely sure that your shower is made of fiberglass. Some tubs can be made of other materials, such as cast iron, and they cannot be fixed in the same way.

Checking to see if your shower is made of fiberglass is easy. You need to knock on the surface of the shower with something hard that will not cause any visible damage; that can be a wooden spoon, your knuckle, or something similar. You should not hear any sort of metallic sound when you tap a fiberglass shower; it should make a more hollow noise.

Once you have determined that your tub is fiberglass you can continue with your project. You will need to purchase a shower repair kit from the hardware store. These come in a variety of colors, so choose one that matches your shower. The most commonly found colors are white, almond and off-white.

Most Shower Repair Guys kits come with everything you will need to fix your shower tub. This is not always the case, however, so you need to double check that you have all the necessary materials. You should have several different grits of sandpaper, a mixing container, something to stir with, safety gloves, polyesther resin, thickener, hardener, colorant and fiberglass mesh.

Repairing your fiberglass shower tub does not have to be a difficult do it yourself project. Before you begin, make sure your shower is definitely made of fiberglass. Then you can choose the proper repair kit, get your tools together and start working.

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