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We all had our stuff ready, and on the airplane. We took off the ground, in an airplane that was headed for Bremerton, Washington. When we were getting closer to the airport, we were told, over the loud speaker, that this was going to be, the first time an airplane of this size, had ever landed at the small private airport, we were going to land at. All of a sudden, it seemed like everyone on the plane started to wonder, if we were going to crash, when we landed, or run out of runway, and hit stuff.

As the plane came down, it immediately came to a screeching sound, as they Screened In Deck Guys up the brakes. We slid down the whole runway, and came to the very end of it. We were lucky I guess. There were already fire engines, and ambulances, there waiting, just in case something happened.

My commanding officer, told me that the admiral was not on board the carrier, and the chief of staff was not there either. Only the CO and XO of the aircraft carriers, and my skipper, were the highest guys on board right now.

When we got on board the aircraft carrier, it was the first time I had ever been on one, and I always wondered what they were like. The ship was just so huge when you walked up the gangway, and across the deck, and into the airplane hangar section, of the ship. Inside, it is so gigantic looking, that it just looks like you are in a super sized warehouse, and you are not on a boat. The hangar bays, inside the belly of the ship, was enormous, in size. It seemed to take forever to go from one place, to another, on the ship. It was like the size of a 10 story shopping mall.

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