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Since I can remember, I was under the impression that young ladies were looking for any type of humor, the same sorts of comments that make your friends laugh. Since women are equals, I believed they would also be rolling on the ground with my sarcastic humor that’s a hit around my guy friends. Although then I noticed that some of my friends who had the lamest senses of humor were getting more chicks than I did. Why was that? Above all.

Four years ago, I begun to really pay attention to this, trying to learn Playground Flooring Guys laugh. During this time I came across a book that marketed the idea that men should be cocky and funny towards women. Seeking out this technique, I began heading to the pubs and almost bullying women with my humor. We used sarcasm and humor to humiliate women. And worst of all, sometimes it worked.

I say worst of all because I stayed on this path of bullying women considerably longer than I actually should have. The things i learned was the only ladies who were into this kind of humor were mostly the “tomboys” of the group, the more masculine girls. And since that’s a small percentage of women in general, by staying on this course I used to be leaving many more options available. I was continuing this way until I decided to check out my buddy Will’s conversation with girls.

Will was always an organic with women, and it never made sense in my opinion; his laughter was always childish and stupid. But women were always rolling on the floor whenever he was around. Listening to him interact with women was like watching a next grade boy talk to a fourth grade lady during recess: Nothing considerable there. Movie quotes, safe jokes, just all around fun without the enlightening views or dark humor.

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