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There are numerous half crazed, frantic, neurotic trick scholars who might have us trust that there never was any moon arrivals in the sixties and that every one of the movies, photographs and ancient rarities that as far as anyone knows was taken at that point, are faked and was made in a film studio by George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Arthur C Clark.

They say that it is excessively unsafe, making it impossible to Fake Grass Guys, in view of mystery Strogg premise there, moon muggers and in addition unearthly radiation. Others assert that the photographs are all wrong, under uncovered and where are the stars? Different insane people say it is so hot on the moon that the space travelers would have been cooked alive in those huge uneven aluminum suits they were wearing. Still other say it is so frosty on the moon that the lunar module would have broken like metal falling in dry ice. Others say it is so dull on the moon that…well you get the photo

All things considered, la di da, I would state to these crazy people. I did some examination regarding this matter and thought of the genuine truth like I generally do. Voyaging everywhere on the place where I grew up and doing bunches of research on the Internet I accumulated all the proof I have to compose what I am going to compose here.

The genuine truth is that individuals have been going to the moon since the medieval times. The Nazi’s even settled a moon base there in 1942 and the Americans have been celebrating there since the late 50’s. There are even the individuals who guarantee that the Dogon tribe ran there with mud and grass spaceships in antiquated circumstances.

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