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Teach your children about the importance of keeping doors locked during the day when they are home. Most home invasions happen in broad daylight and kids need to be as careful about preventing easy accessibility as their parents. Now that they are home from school, they need reminders about not opening doors to strangers.

Mind that garage door! An open garage door is an invitation to anyone and Exterior Window Shutter Guys on in and take whatever they see. Many thefts are crimes of opportunity: don’t make it easy for the bad guys!

Light up your home exterior. Thieves hate being at risk for detection, especially when they operate at night. Installing plenty of motion sensor lighting in your yard area, over entryways and on the corners of your home is a great deterrent to crime of all kinds.

When on vacation, make sure to put your interior lights on a timer and keep some of your blinds or drapes open to make it look like people are home. Nothing invites a burglar more than an all-dark house with all the windows shuttered.

Landscape near your window areas using prickly-type bushes, especially around basement window wells. Thieves are opportunists, and since this type of strategy makes breaking and entering difficult, they are likely to move on to another house rather than risk getting injured.

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