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Relatives of the general population who manufactured the Inca trail, Peruvian developers know their stuff. Yet, it’s the tracery, the oversaw stream of force, that has our regard. The street rises old seabeds, slopes secured with bone, cracked dry edges with cornices etched via avalanches. Late morning, we wind up on a high pampas possessed by a large number of vicuña and alpaca. Out there, our first sight of snowcapped pinnacles. There are stone corrals on adjacent slants, one-room cottages. Amidst this goliath no place, a solitary shepherd strolling in favor of the slope.

We find that the separations on maps are those of the condor. We travel inconceivably contorted streets that occasionally take a hundred turns (and a few miles) to get starting with one edge then onto the next. The guide shows towns, however to our dis-may not all have corner stores. We purchase gas in a little station from a lady who spoons it out of a can with an espresso pot, then pours it through a plastic, woven kitchen pipe into our tanks. The entire town watches. We push on into the plummeting night.

The knobbies have no footing at all. The general population on the Concrete Roof Tile Guys quickly wave their hands, demonstrating that the street gets more extreme. I touch my brake and the bicycle goes down, sticking my leg against the check, a fourth of an inch short of a break. The bicycle behind me goes down. It is nerve racking. Local people help us lift the bicycles, get them turned tough.

A police escort drives us to a lodging that gives us a chance to store the bikes in the entryway. Without trying to shower, we advance toward the Norton Rats Bar on the upper east corner of the focal court. The proprietor, an American ostracize, once steered a Norton to the tip of the landmass. The dividers are fixed with photographs from the trek.

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