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When I lived in Mannheim, Germany in the mid 1960s, my sibling and I were given a quarter and sent on our way to the base theater for two or three hours each Saturday.

Frequently there were Vincent Price or Peter Cushing motion pictures Retractable Screen Door Guys to the base in half a month, which guaranteed crawling separated hands or fights with a world loaded with vampires, or maybe a Godzilla motion picture, with Tokyo being pounded once more.

Every week, the serial backpedaled in time, to the couple of minutes before the finish of the earlier week’s scene, where we would see a couple casings of missing film from the serial. This missing film demonstrated how our legend (who dependably wore a white cap, obviously), figured out how to escape a unimaginable circumstance and cheat demise yet again.

What took after the disclosure about how our legend was not in truth killed as we were persuaded, was around 15 minutes of Tom Mix or other serial saints fighting the terrible folks and getting themselves into yet another unimaginable circumstance where it seemed as though he was going to be killed.

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