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When they had constructed the fit trail through the old Doc’s resort, they tore down the water tower. When I was little me and that ass nearby would play in a pit behind the tower with Tonka trucks. My fire motor and his Army Jeep and Construction vehicles. Be that as it may, my truck shot water. So there!

So now it has been thirty years and I began pondering it once more. Retaining Wall Block Team close by. The town supposes I am weird uncovering so much stuff. The establishments of his home. The Hotel. Also the pump house and water wheel on Docspond.

Be that as it may, today I uncovered the establishment around the water tower. Just a single post is as yet standing. Which is sufficient to give me a marker of where to burrow. The soil fell off like moving up a cover. The four post openings are revealed. Be that as it may, hold up. There was more!

Toward the North of the square solid chunk with the four post openings is more concrete. Another square. In any case, it is not strong. There is just a square edge. A portion of the side strolls alongside it end up being the cover. The cover that sat on the edge.

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