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Jealousy is a strong emotion. It is treated like a negative emotion most of the time but sometimes a little bit of jealousy can make it clear to you where your relationship stands. If you are into this guy and you want to know how he feels about you, then trying to make him feel just a little bit jealous will let you know exactly what you want to know. But be careful while playing with this sensitive emotion because it can sometimes backfire.

One good way to make the man in your life jealous is to talk or refer to the Hanging Picture Guys might know. Now these men could be friends, colleagues, ex boyfriends, cousins or just plain neighbors. Make sure your guy knows these other men because it becomes easier for him to picture the two of you together when you mention something to him. This way you will be able to judge if your guy really loves you by his reaction. If he does get put-off then you know he harbors certain feelings for you.

If you happen to pass by or meet a guy friend while with your present man then make sure you stop and say hi. It is a good test of jealousy to launch into a conversation with your friend and the more animated your conversation is the more closer you will appear to your man. This way your man might get jealous of your friend and he may ask you a few questions about this guy friend of yours.

You must mentioned about your “ex boyfriend” if you want to smell some smoke. Now this does not have to be too personal but it can be something casual like a place where the two of you used to hang out together or something which you’re ex boyfriend had. You will be able to say how much he is into you by reading his reaction. If he becomes quiet, withdrawn or just gets put off then you know he didn’t like you bringing up your ex and this is a positive sign.

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