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So then here is this big guy, and we’re going to flip him and iron him. Once you’ve done that, join it to the next piece. Then, do a Thank You Basket slip stitch into the same space that we’ve been working on. Many times in the first year of planting you will only get two or three blooms and the second year only five or six blooms. Double leaf there. John so our audience is asking. So, this you could use the same size, but i think the different sizes are fun. You could do a blanket stitch, you could, you know, do a straight stitch across here, you could do all kinds of things. This is our die cutting machine. And when we get digital zoom, we are, uh-oh, i lost too much of my purple guys. Fold the bottom cheap thank you gifts corner up towards the diagonal line like so.

Hi this is yolanda vanveen for expert village. Or lipstick shape. You’ll also notice that i trimmed the card a little bit. And notice when i am drawing cheap thank you gifts this, i’m actually going in a different direction. I just squirted that out on to some scratch paper and then used my finger to pick it up and smoosh it all along the foam on the frame. This is why i like to use longer needles, so you might want to keep that in mind when you’re picking out your knitting needles that you’ll use. You guys have been sharing it with me a bunch. Now i can come back with a light color and thin it out.

Thank You Basket

Did you ever do that? It looks like my mom isn’t forgiving you. Now i’m going to do the same thing. So i’ve got just this blue and just this yellow but i actually have a shocking number of greens i can do with just the two of them. The thing i’m going to try to do is make sure that i don’t get crazy wide. Like terminator on the sherpa. John wetzel and all of our regulars. And that will tell you how see through it’s going to be, and it will tell you how shiny it’s going to be.That is why it is important to always follow up after sending the thank Thank You Ideas . You’re who?? Qi… Qi what? When thank you flowers are sent, they are also not yet in full bloom, so that the one who receives the flowers have the pleasure of watching the flowers blossom and get more beautiful. John because she did an awesome thing. Then i set this piece aside while i worked on the shaker area. You’re not asking to be number one on the list. Lin qiao, what did you just say? This is going to govern the height of your overall arrangement.

So right in the center here i’m gonna tie it on with these two strands, you can see that. Do you burn? And i’m wiping the excess paint off my brush because if the brush overloads i won’t get a nice line. I think it’s a really great technique and a great way to use a bunch of stamps all in one area. Remember you can put other people’s wishes in your canvas if something speaks to you. It’s no good just grabbing the bunch and putting the stems straight up and down. Breakfast is ready! John what texture is your paint you’re looking for with your water mixture? Now it’s time to wire up the leaves. We’ve done this before, without being spoiled. One who can turn conflict into collaboration is the buddha. And inside comes with chalk, crayons, and an eraser. Secure you Good Thank You Gifts bun with a few bobby pins, making sure to hide them underneath the petals. I think about cookie all the time now. Why were flowers such a big deal?


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