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So with many pundits already out on their blogs, and newsletter websites, trying to predict the movements in the stock market for 2017, they are forgetting 4 very important and valuable secrets. Secrets that could really ramp up ones trading account, and help you to secure your financial future in 2017 and beyond.


It does seem that Donald Trump is now going to become president. His promise to make America Great again could fall on deaf ears, yet some of his plans are likely to make the stock market rally up even further. That is if he is able to start to implement his policies and the White House also accepts what he is trying to do to improve the country. That would have huge benefits for infrastructure, utilities and inflation, which would help those commodities in the infrastructure space.


Donald Trump will start to clamp down and regulate the US financial and banking sectors. Over the next few years there will be more leverage, which could turn out to be a ‘Golden Age’ of financial and investing stocks. So being involved with the financial sectors and banking stocks, could be a very smart idea. Also another area to look would be the regional banks which will benefit from investors and the average person’s sick of the majors and want self-reliant security.


The Two sectors likely to benefit the most under a Trump administration would be sectors such as Banks generally and also life insurance companies. These have been lagging in 2016, but in 2017 that is likely to be a totally different story. There is a financial system, and then there is financial stocks. Both are different and one benefits from the other short term and longer term. At this stage of the race for 2017 that would be either the financial sectors, and or the Banking and financial stocks. But take your pick, because in the end this might be a very good place to put your chips over the coming 12 months.


The other factor is the regulatory environment and higher interest rates, is going to make it much easier for the average investor next year, when you realise this sort of environment, or the implementation of such things makes it easy to pin point what vehicles one should invest in.

In the past regulatory apparatuses will not be rolled back or changed, so again this would be good for the US dollar and again vehicles within the financial space, or banking indexes. But if the government become stricter on banks and brokerage houses there are a lot of investors thinking this is a bad thing, when actually over the longer run, it’s a good thing to ensure a repeat of the 2008 subprime crisis will not happen ever again.

In the long run, these sorts of things implemented under a Trump presidency will only help to lift stock price going forward.

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