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I had the benefit last Friday night of being back among my companions at the Imam Husain Islamic Center where we met to lament the demise of the father of my dear companion, Sheik Mansour Leghaei.

What’s more, I was reminded plainly, while I was there, of one especially Bow Window Guys that one of the individuals from that group had said to me on a past visit. It wasn’t Sheik Mansour who said it to me or any of his relatives yet one of the seniors there – a resigned educator from Newcastle University.

What’s more, obviously I couldn’t share his point of view – that Islam satisfies the Christian expectation, similarly as we trust the New Testament Gospel satisfies every one of the deepest desires of the Old, however I valued that this senior in the Islamic people group was essentially simply communicating his closeness to me, and I found that touching.

Before I was a Muslim I was a Christian, and before I was a Christian I was a Jew’ – it was an amazing thing to state, yet it was additionally an announcement that required a reaction, I felt – a reaction that I couldn’t give at the time, yet I’ve considered one since – a great reaction – and I got it from the narrative of Noah!

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