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Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that you can control. Natural T2 diabetes control involves following simple steps to keep your sugar levels low. There exist ways that are inexpensive and play a great deal in ensuring that your life does not stall because of diabetes.

As you may already know, there are three types of diabetes namely type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes (occurs only in pregnant women). Type 1 diabetes is severe since the body complete refuses to produce insulin which is the fuel for the body. Type 2 is common, and in this case, the body produces insufficient insulin.

The focus of this article is on the natural control methods for type 2 diabetics.

Here are several natural diabetes control methods:

1.  Eating Fruits – When you have, diabetes makes fruits that are rich in insulin your friend. Such fruits include pomegranates which contain high levels of antioxidants. Other fruits like oranges, lemons, berries and watermelons have insulin properties.

Apples should also be a major component of your diet since they have high fiber content and are low in calories. An eating apple often helps control your cholesterol level and naturally regulates your blood sugar levels.

2.  Drink Water – It is of the essence for someone with diabetes to always stay hydrated. Water is readily available and is free from chemicals. Water is a natural diabetes control in that it helps regulate blood sugar level in the body.

Research has shown there’s a link between a hormone known as vasopressin and diabetes. Dehydration signals the body to produce vasopressin which in turn triggers the liver to produce glucose. Increased glucose production leads to high sugar levels.

So when you have diabetes, it is recommended to take up to eight glasses of water each day. When one is well hydrated, their body sugar levels tend to control themselves naturally.

3.  Green Tea – Wondering what the fuss is about green tea lately? Well, you will be glad to learn that it’s a genetic diabetic control. Research has shown that green tea helps control speeding up of glucose levels in the body.

Drinking green tea mildly every day without adding sweeteners will help you manage your diabetes naturally. It contains antioxidants that regulate the glucose level in the blood.

4.  Natural Herbs – Leaves from several plants and trees have been credited to naturally controlling diabetes. Such leaves include methi leaves, Neem, Basil leaves and gurmar leaves. You can boil these leaves and drink the water.

The leaves can also be dried and crushed into powder form. The powder can then be added to hot water and taken as a beverage. This natural leaves have the ability to monitor the glucose level in the body. They can also trigger the production of insulin in the body.

5.  Nuts – Several groups of nuts also act as a natural diabetes  control. As much as nuts have calories, they have a high fiber content that helps control glucose in the body.

Nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts are rich in magnesium and vitamin E which controls glucose in the body.

The above ways are efficient natural methods that will help you in the fight against diabetes.

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