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Brilliant sun powered vitality strikes the rooftop, warming the material framework (frequently shingles, felt paper and rooftop sheathing or steel) by conduction, and bringing on the underside of the sheathing and the rooftop confining to transmit warm descending through the loft toward the storage room floor (or within the building shell when no encased upper room space exists). At the point when an intelligent protection is set between the roofing material and the building inside, a great part of the warmth emanated from the hot rooftop is reflected back toward the rooftop and the low emissivity of the underside of the protection implies next to no brilliant warmth is radiated downwards. This makes the top surface of the protection cooler than it would have been without an intelligent protection and in this manner lessens the measure of warmth which moves into the building.

This is unique in relation to the “cool rooftop” procedure which Aluminum Roofing Guys based vitality before it warms the rooftop, yet both are methods for diminishing brilliant warmth. As indicated by a review by Florida Solar Energy Center, a white tile or white metal cool rooftop can beat customary dark shingle rooftop with an intelligent protection in the loft, yet the dark shingle rooftop with intelligent protection outflanked the red tile cool rooftop. An alternative is to introduce both an intelligent protection and a cool rooftop, for ideal execution. There are a wide assortment of variables to consider in choosing whether or not to utilize a cool rooftop as well as an intelligent protection.

For introducing an intelligent protection under a post building steel rooftop, the item might be connected straightforwardly by hanging over the rooftop purlins. Much more powerful is to introduce over the purlins, introduce 2×4 furring strips on top of the protection, and afterward the rooftop steel. The furring strips guarantee the intelligent protection faces into an adequate air space to be viable. On the off chance that an air space is absent or is too little, warmth might have the capacity to direct through the protection. Since the metal in the intelligent protection is very conductive, the warmth exchange would all be through conduction and the warmth would not be blocked.

For shingled rooftops, intelligent protection might be connected over the rafters or trusses and under the rooftop decking (typically osb or plywood). This application strategy has the protection sheets hung over the trusses of rafters, making a little air space above with the intelligent protection confronting into the whole inside loft space underneath.

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