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Galvez Banks is one of the colossal angling spots in the sea. It is found 17 miles Southeast of Guam. When you take your watercraft out there you will see only sea and around six creeps of Guam out coming soon. Galvez Banks is a submerged mountain. It is situated in the Marianas Islands which is in the most profound piece of the world. This marvelous mountain ascends and closes barely shy of the surface. Simply short is relative. The shallowest recorded is around 65 ft yet the vast majority of the banks are from 120 ft to 200 ft. or, then again more.

Living on the reef on these banks are some genuinely lovely fish and ocean life. Huge fish swim out securely in the open along the base. Big fish swim overhead. Schools of fish hang out on top of this reef and eat the littler schools of fish. A range loaded with life amidst the sea. It is additionally the home of numerous species and many quantities of sharks. When somebody would snare a fish while angling on top of the banks they would be under the firearm to get it in. It wouldn’t take yet minutes before the sharks would get the fish. At the point when the sharks do get the fish they tend to hang out under your pontoon. It’s a unique feeling to look over the edge and see schools of man eating sharks under the pontoon simply trusting more nourishment is given.

On one lovely evening we stacked up a pleasant 28 ft single diesel Vessel Sink Guys angling at Galvez Banks. I accept there were around 6 of us youthful twenty something year olds prepared to catch some enormous ones and have a couple of lagers while we were grinding away. That kind of began the rundown of missteps.

It was such a decent day the group hung outside the lodge for the greater part of the two hour journey to the banks. The skipper remained up on the flying scaffold. Since I was the group I would occasionally check the ship. As we were landing at Galvez I went inside the lodge. That is the point at which I learned WE WERE SINKING ON GALVEZ BANKS. This expansive vessel was half loaded with ocean water. The possibility of that minute and knowing we just landed at shark paradise may never be communicated precisely. Clearly fear rings a bell. By then I needed to alarm whatever is left of the folks of our circumstance. The stun in a split second hit each of their appearances also. We really wanted to envision ourselves being eaten alive by sharks.

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