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Well, a Diversion Safe looks just like an everyday item that we would see in any household but these devices have a hollowed out center for your valuables – money, watch, keys, jewelry, notes to your kids, bill receipts (how many times have these been misplaced), and anything else you can think of.

Put these valuables in a variety of Diversion Safes and spread them throughout your house, garage or office. Just make sure they blend in with room. Even a dopey burglar might get suspicious if he saw a can of JB Oil next to a salt shaker or a Kibbles ‘n Bits Can Safe next to your toothbrush.

Burglars like to quickly Shaker Cabinet Guys with their loot. So, the object is to leave our valuables in plain sight but still be hidden. This is where Diversion Safes fit the bill.

Diversion Safes are just regular items that the burglar would see in any house, including his own. So why would he suspect that a Barbasol Shaving Cream Can would hold some jewelry? Or, in the garage, what about hiding your emergency house money in a Liquid Wrench Can Safe and put it with all the other cans on the garage shelf

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