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Billy had buckled down for those logs, cutting them from the tidal ponds of a brook overwhelm. He needed to swim out into the water midsection profound to fell the trees. At that point he hauled the logs out of the water eight feet at any given moment, sawing off an eight foot log and pulling it to dry land with a ranch tractor. To consider losing that a lot of his well deserved wood to sawdust was a disgrace.

The experience of sawing logs from his property into wood that Bay Window Crew for his own motivations persuaded him that one day he would purchase his very own versatile sawmill and that it would be a band sawmill so that a greater amount of his timber would wind up on the timber stack rather than the sawdust heap.

Throughout the years Billy explored no less than twelve band sawmills, relating with the sales representatives, inspecting their recordings, and watching exhibitions at a nearby yearly ranch piece. Some were modest, some were costly, some well constructed, and some were extremely shaky.

At long last, the time came when he could resign and have room schedule-wise to accomplish a greater amount of the things he delighted in, the majority of which included working with wood. With retirement, the time was all in all correct to buy that factory.

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