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Media impacting is acknowledged as a method for expelling coatings from most any surface. In log home reclamation, it functions admirably at expelling old stains and completes to set up the wood for another sealer. Like any device, it has it’s place, yet at times is over utilized.

Media Blasting Guys or Rough Impacting is the way toward utilizing compacted air to move grating particles from an impact machine or impacting pot, through a hose and onto a surface at a high rate of speed in a path as to expel the current covering and to be a compelling cleaning treatment. Media Impacting for surface planning expels undesirable coatings and leaves a perfect surface prepared for re-covering or different sorts of wrapping up.

Utilized as a part of log home reclamation, numerous temporary workers utilize it to expel any kind of covering, oil or latex or only to clean to evacuate turned gray out wood, soil and buildup. In view of the way of the procedure, it is more costly than the essential concoction strip and requires some particular hardware. A modern sort air compressor fit for delivering no less than 185 cubic feet for each moment of air volume must be utilized. A few temporary workers possess their own, yet most lease one as required. Additionally an exceptional “impacting pot” intended to apportion pounded glass, preparing pop and ground corn cob media is utilized. It is like a sand blaster, yet adjusted to deal with various media. Alongside this extraordinary gear, a few thousand pounds of the media itself is required. Three to four thousand pounds in not strange.

Utilizing Media Impacting for log home rebuilding makes a fantastic showing with regards to of expelling whatever is on the logs, be that as it may it is truly most appropriate for the harder to evacuate water based and latex stains and paints. Concoction stripping then again is most appropriate for oil based stains which is 75% of what is utilized on log homes here.

Media Impacting has it’s points of interest. The greatest being that it is a dry procedure. At the point when the complete or covering is expelled, the stain can be connected quickly. There is no sitting tight for the logs to dry as with synthetic stripping, and no water to battle with inside the home from holes. Likewise, the utilized media can be gotten together, filtered and reused. Once spent, it can be packed away and discarded or, being biodegradable, it can be spread out and utilized as a dirt alteration.

The genuine impacting is a genuinely quick process once everything is set up and arranging and framework is set up. Normally two individuals can deal with the work; one working the spout and one filling the container, modifying air/media blends and watching that the apparatus and hoses are in great working request and running legitimately.

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