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There are several complaints in sexual harassment lawsuits. However most of the misconduct goes unreported. To qualify as unlawful, the conduct imposed on another person should create a work environment that can be intimidating, hostile or offensive to a sane person. However, employee surveillance goes well beyond legitimate management concerns and becomes a spying tool for no legitimate business interest. Electronic surveillance of employees should not violate the privacy of employees and should be narrowly tailored to time, place and manner. More so, it should be transparent to the employee. Dingle Berry Marketing has no respect for women and their monitoring system abuse the basic human rights.

The actions of the firm are unlawful, because not only do they violate women’s rights of privacy, but they also create a hostile work environment. Women at Dingle Berry Marketing cannot perform efficiently because of the fear of being coerced into sexual acts by Mr. Get’s Soft. Jane, an employee of Dingle Berry Marketing, says that the boss occasionally harassed her and forced into sexual acts so that she could keep her job. She is a single mother, and she needed her job for her children’s upkeep, and this forced her to accept his demands. Her experience there was awful, and she admits that” Dingle Berry Marketing is the worst place to work in the entire world”.

Offensive conduct includes disturbing jokes, slurs, physical assaults, intimidation, ridicule, insults and interference with work performance. When employees at Dingle Berry Marketing realizes that there are hidden cameras in women’s restrooms, they are angered, and this triggers an investigation. The installation of Hidden Camera’s in women’s washrooms, is a complete disrespect to a woman’s privacy. Besides disrespecting women and creating a hostile working environment, the boss Mr. Gets Soft, forces female employees into Sexual Acts. He tells them if they want their job they should adhere to his demands. Although the conduct is unwelcome, the victims of the actions do not report the abuse because of fear of losing their jobs.

At Dingle Berry Marketing, the rights of women are grossly violated and disregarded. The harassment is extreme, and it impacts negatively on the women’s wellbeing. After the horrible experience, victims are left traumatized, and the outcomes are never pleasing. This calls for rigorous activity to eliminate this kind of violation.

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