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I don’t know for thank you flowers how long. It helps if you can purchase an inexpensive costume jewelry chain to crochet around. Brother, let me! Grace: yeah! Grace: now we’re gonna pop these in the oven for 5 minutes at 400 degrees, grace: and then take ’em out. It’s really easy to touch. Say thanks with Thank You Flowers . Did you feel good. Do you mind? – thank you flowers bring ’em in. Then from the halfway to the next neighboring tip thank you flowers of it. I may need to put out a scooch, a smidgen, a small amount of white because i’ve just been going through my white. I am telling the truth, song song. Super easy to do. John it wasn’t, it wasn’t 68 and 69 it was 66 and 67.

John i think it’s pretty good. This rubber cement is designed for paper so it dries very quickly. Look, it’s engraved here ”1835”. Do 1 double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook. So i’m gonna try to do a piece like that first. I am not going to be using a paintbrush to show shading or values. So if you’re wondering about any of these little bits that i’m putting inside the shaker, go ahead and check the supplies section. Michelle said that there was a competing buyer. John so it’s uh it’s been a really exciting day.

Thank You Flowers

So, my camera cut out on me but once again, i’ve painted a flat wash on the larger Best Thank You Gifts in the center. So, we are knitting and doing yarn over, and then on row five, we are going to again, just knit those twenty one stitches and again take your time. In each of the last 2 stitches, do 1 single crochet. I don’t know for how long. I am going to time lapse this so it goes a little bit faster. So i start with my pieces, and you can see right here, i have my picket fence and, let me show you how easy it is to do this. So i’ve got this here and i have the acrylic paint here. It’s probably because he’s been in a coma for so many years, his mind is all muddled. Very very light pressure. I find it a bit more difficult to work precisely like that.

John i have the camera on slow pan. Just get a fluorescent highlighter and open it up. See how little i have? Speak for yourself, jampa. Let’s say a special thanks to the ladybird johnson wildflower center for letting us come out and hang out with all of their flowers go support wildlife conservation in your backyard. You got to have fun as you’re going. You’ve been looting the silk road… Frequently used by traders? That’ll be your first petal. Sort of showing, like so. It’s kind of this golden green color. Then take the other color, wrap it around once, and glue. They’re not quite so bright. Sometimes it’s easier to grip if you start curling it around a pencil or a paintbrush. Whats even more thoughtful is having the Unique Thank You Gifts delivered right to the persons doorstep. A lot of, well i’m going to save it for the quest. This how do i say this? / i don’t want to say too much. So that center square comes out of your background fabric.

You’re welcome never seen a face like this before. So once you get your 12 pieces sewn together, that’s going to give you the width for your background fabric. It’s this stuff. John i can set it up to move faster the problem is that i’m trying to have it be smooth. So we’re going to put out a little more white. That’s my squiggle space. So that’s why i chose to use five. So i’m just measuring it up, right along the table here, cut right there so i have a starting point. For this one, we’re going to sew right on the line. These are like small unopened flowers. And, it’s just a clear, kind of colored plastic.


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