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Various will agree that one of the very accident prone areas of a home or building is the steps. Statistics will show that a quantity of accidents occurring on stairs are caused by poor maintenance and slack construction. Considering these, it is thus important the stairs be planned away carefully and meticulously to avoid injuries caused by accidents such as moves, trips, and falls from happening in the future.

Safety in using steps should be the key matter when planning the stairways. Its form and design should be rooted on safety. Beauty is worthless without correct function. Since a stair’s function is to safely take people to different levels in a multi-level home or building, it should be made in a means that will not compromise those that will be using it. A good way to ensure its safety is to get started on at the start of the installation of the stairs itself. A stair’s foundation lies on the quality of the stair parts used. For that reason, buying good quality step parts is a must for ever homeowner and stair builder.

Choosing the right parts to combine into your stairs design is a very critical decision to make. Anything should be chosen structured on safety, function, and visual appeal. Safety is ensured when there will be no sharp edges or harsh surfaces found in the parts to be used. Function is dictated by how well the parts fit together, without loose baluster or wobbly step rails. The overall look is how the parts when incorporated into a single design look. The resulting stairs should be coherent to the room where the stairs are installed. Its impact is seen how well it mixes with the current furnishings or how it compliments the space’s design elements.

An additional way to avoid accidental injuries when using stairs is to get a regular maintenance check up. This only means that the steps and it is parts should be regularly checked to see if anything is missing, cracked, and need of repair. Poor maintenance of steps can lead to a myriad of stair injuries. A lacking baluster could be a potential danger for small children using the steps, they could easily land through the space where the missing baluster is located. A wobbly palm rail could spell devastation for many who hugely use them for balance and support, especially for the aged, handicapped, and even small children. A loose step tread is a serious site for trips and problems.

Anything found to be in need of repair should be fixed immediately. Anything beyond repair should be replaced and dealt out with as soon as you can. Many of these may seem to be tedious work, but will be well well worth it. Bear in mind that having your stair injuries cured is more expensive than replacing or fixing your broken stairs.

Safety being the number priority when it comes to putting in and building stairs makes it one of the most critical parts. Guaranteeing the safety of your stairs will not only save from injuries yourself, but actually will give you some peace of mind for the others who will use them as well.

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