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You can try whatever laminator you have on hand.And he needs to have a little friend that comes over this way. Dr. Otsal, how old are you? And great thank you gifts here’s the fun part. Line them up carefully press them together. I have Thank You Gift Ideas a little plant. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Grace: oh! Great thank you gifts ro: like so! And then when you go to put your rows together you’re going to make a sashing strip. So now i have my pot and i have my three flowers and we need a stem. Next, we are going to talk about peonies, another amazing, blooming flower. That is because that circle is a little bit off center. Monday the 16th. You know what? Maybe you want to be more technical.

John he’s watching with us today. We haven’t seen each other in so many years. John sometimes i don’t tell you. Now in these troughs what you want to do is just add a little bit of minced strawberries, don’t overfill it, you want to be very-very subtle with this, very little bit. Ro: all right, are ready? It’s stuck on. Choo choo choo. So, now i’m going to be adding a little heart over that heart that’s in the greeting. You want to match your lights to your lights, and your fabrics to your fabrics, and the same with this one. So now what we’re going to talk about is the sashing. Towards me the only feeling he has for me is guilt.

Thank You Ideas

Now you take half a sheet of nori place it in your hand and place three of the petals with the pointy bit facing to the inside. Try to stay on this… Like down here this is the widest part of your leaf. We’re just gonna put down a couple more of these. Thank You Gift Baskets you’re new here subscribe for more cakes chocolates and desserts, click here to check out my other videos, and here for the recipe. This isn’t a time when you’re gonna want to refill your disposable bag. So what i’ve done is i’ve cut 2 ½ inches of, of a green for my stem, and i’m just going to fold this in half and iron it. Why would you want to do that? I want them to really get crowded quickly. I kind of neglected the comments while she was doing that. How did it die? John oh that’s true. And to make that you’re again going to take your 2 ½ inch squares and you’re going to sew one on this top corner right here.

Another thing that we have is it’s very easily adjustable. Tameiki wa tsudzuite’ru the sighs are persisting. Hey, what were you doing? Cinnamon we’ll get it fixed. Yes very nice. Do they have a favorite Thank You Basket ? Go ahead and bring the icing down the side of the cake just a little bit because i’m going to actually cascade these over the side so it has a really pretty flowing motion. Are you okay? You can see what the first petal looks like now. My condition … They know. This is available in three different sizes. I saw somebody do like a painting with a chalk string. Cinnamon that’s the holidays right there. And if i want keep this picture bright, i have to balance out that contrast. John i’ve got video of it. Immediately pour it through a sieve into a jug. So i’m so glad you’re putting yourself on the list now though mona.


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