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On the off chance that you have lived with the old kind of textured roof for a considerable length of time and now, you are prepared to begin a renovating or redesigning venture yet need change, the initial step would be to expel or employ a temporary worker to evacuate the old popcorn composition. From that point, any gouges in the drywall would be repaired, and cleaning of the space finished. Once those strides are done, you would then have the establishment or use of the new roof done. Nonetheless, while you could go this course, another plausibility that would be less tedious and costly would be to take a gander at choices for covering popcorn roof material.

While completing a composition roof by covering Popcorn Ceiling cash, it would likewise fill a need if testing had been done on the surface and it was found to contain asbestos. Since asbestos was ordinarily utilized as a part of popcorn material preceding 1978, when scratched off the growth creating dust particles get to be airborne and amazingly risky. Be that as it may, if the asbestos material were not aggravated, it would represent no danger. On the off chance that roof drywall completing would be accomplished for this kind of situation, it is basic to employ an expert who is exceptionally prepared and authorized.

One alternative would be for new surface to be splashed straightforwardly on top of the old roof. With this, you would have a wonderful textured roof and relying upon the kind of splash on material utilized, the roof could even be painted. Clearly, this gives the advantage of having the capacity to pick diverse roof paint hues for a more customized appearance. The change would be instantly seen, giving the room a new look.

Another plausibility for covering popcorn roof material would be to utilize mortar. Utilizing a medium measured trowel, the mortar could be connected in a manner that it looks like stucco. Once totally dry, this material would likewise give an excellent surface that could be left as is or you could consider distinctive hues to being warmth and character into the room. For shading, you can include it into the mortar preceding applying, or with a roller, paint the mortar when dry.

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