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Hand-scraped flooring is a comparable newcomer to the hard wood market. Yet, this product characterized by an uneven or rustic appearance is increasing in popularity – particularly for hickory floor coverings. Why hickory specifically? Even though other domestic species are frequently requested for hand-scraped products, hickory is very good more demanding to mount in unfinished form.

Intended for those unfamiliar, hickory floors is one of the densest domestic species and has closed, somewhat tough grain. These aspects present a multi-faceted challenge when it comes to assembly and might, indeed, override the hardwood’s unique appearance. Challenging to machine, sand, and finish, hickory takes a thoughtful approach – or a completely different strategy.

Hand-scraped hickory fits into the latter category. While normal unfinished hickory is vulnerable to blotching if the surface finish is incorrectly applied, the rugged and sculpted look disguises this aspect. This kind of way, a homeowner wanting a certain stain does not have to be in for prefab products or go through the difficulties of obtaining an even finish.

When the rough and old-fashioned character is a vital asset, hand-scraped hickory flooring has additional qualities. In the present, texture has recently been taking precedence over complete, adding a further sizing to the floor. This kind of products open this quality wide open, with choices ranging from antique and aged looks to high roughness.

Hand-scraped products are split up into rustic and traditional varieties. The former type’s character marks make it distinctive. Rustic woods, as well, often times have greater comparison between the heartwood and sapwood. Aside from the abundant knots, mineral lines, and heavy graining, old-fashioned hand-scraped hickory makes a clear distinction between the reddish heartwood and white or tan sapwood.

Apart from this feature, several visual possibilities are offered through hand-scraped hickory. A great aged look is one. Defined as “time worn aged” or “antique, inches this product is troubled through age; dark-colored yellowing, highlighting the grain, and contouring exaggerate this aspect. Mimicking the look of antique floorboards is a second option. French hemorrhage flooring is reputed for more deeply beveled edges and important joints accented by darker-colored spot.

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