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Philippine Mahogany is not a genuine mahogany, however wonderful with hues going from pale pink to ruddy chestnut, it is a name that applies to numerous wood species from Southeast Asia. In spite of the fact that it is not about as solid or strong as genuine mahogany, this wood can hold up to 35-40lbs for each cubic foot. Philippine mahogany is basically utilized for plywood, furniture, pontoon decking, it is cheap and typically accessible. It is additionally utilized for stogie boxes, and inside plans, church boards, seats and outlandish floor materials.

There are other fascinating strength wood species from the Specialty Mill work ranges utilized for custom millwork, marine work and furniture work, they are Meranti and Merbau. Since these woods are decently solid yet at the same time delicate to creature and shoe scratches these intriguing woods make for particularly lovely indoor furniture.

Merbau is called Taal in the Philippines where the bark and leaves of this tree are utilized for medications. The wood is extremely solid rating 1,925 on the Janka scale; it has a straight to wavy course composition, and creepy crawly safe settling on it an extraordinary decision for ground surface. The shading goes from an orange cocoa when first slice to a dark red chestnut once presented to air, it is hard to recolor, yet with such a wonderful shading why not simply apply an unbiased completion. Where to utilize this delightful rich hued wood, well… since it is not as climate verification as different woods, for example, ipe you will need to keep it far from standing waters. Likewise, since it gives the vibe of style you might need to utilize it in more tasteful or illustrious zones, as houses of worship or homes with vast feasting corridors. You need it to be utilized as a part of a zone that does not have a high movement rate, as high heels and foot scrapes will leave harming scratches.

The Shorea trees deliver a wood called light or dull red meranti, another Philippine wood. This tree develops in all around depleted strong and the tree produces medium to course textured wood with hues differing from purple chestnut to red cocoa. It is delicate to bug assaults if not fixed and treated legitimately, and it is respectably solid. Meranti is utilized for general development, polishes and vessel building.

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